PhotocoachOnline -CORE- BUSINESS SYSTEM - V1.9

André Amyot

Name Description
1 WELCOME / INTRODUCTION Welcome instruction
2 MODULE 1 - SHOW VALUE In today’s economy, potential clients when confronted with so many options, including the cheapest price, start looking for value before a decision is made to hire you. Know how to value yourself and your services will position you in the right market place.

- Why are you a photographer?
- Why are you in business?
- Define your mission?
- Define your vision?
- Define your business goal?
- How to reach them!
- Design your perfect studio
- Share your compelling story
- Define your own set of values
- Beat your own obstacles
- Sell your value to clients
- Adding value to your offer
- Specialize into success
- Find your market

* 13 videos
* 6 support documents
* 23 practical exercises
* 2 bonus documents
3 MODULE 2 - MAKING MONEY How would you like to get rewarded correctly for the efforts you invest? This means making money not only to survive but to prosper. After all, it’s your quality of life and that of your family that is at stake here.

Learning the basics to be profitable and knowing how to price your talent is crucial.

How to be Profitable
Master the basics
Stop loosing money
Price your talent
Control your Costs
Discount or Not
Hire or not
How to pay a salesperson
How to select the right accountant

*23 videos
*11 support documents
*7 practical exercises
*5 spreadsheets
*1 bonus documents
4 MODULE 3 - GET CLIENTS Would you like to get more clients? It’s not easy to get clients when the basics of marketing are not mastered. This module covers so many details to confirm your brand and this is how potential clients will be attracted to you.

- The importance of marketing
- Develop a competitive advantage
- Create your brand
- Find your market
- Establish Rapport / credibility
- Positioning your studio
- Convert prospects into client
- Qualify prospects in different specialties
- Follow up on a price proposal
- How to write a commercial proposal
- Strategic partnerships

* Bonus 1: Ideas to attract qualified clients
* Bonus 2: Telephone scripts
* Bonus 3: Sample sales letters

*14 videos
*12 support documents
*25 practical exercises
*3 bonus documents
5 MODULE 4 - SELL YOUR WORK You don’t sell, you help people buy! It is a process. It can be learned. You need to know these techniques to reach your business goals. Along with knowing how to price your talent, this System will definitely pay for itself numerous times in the immediate and long term future.

- Introduction
- Psychology of Sales - Shoot to sell
- Psychology of Sales - Visual price lists
- Planting the seed
- Qualifying your client - Introduction
- Qualifying your client - In person
- Qualifying your client - by Phone etiquette
- Qualifying your client - by Email and Social Media
- Consultations Part 1
- Consultations Part 2
- Consultations Part 3
- Talk about prices
- Shock and Awe
- Introduction ProSelect software
- Real sales 1 at 11
- Real sales - Tradeshows Introduction
- Real sales - Tradeshows Qualifying clients 1
- Real sales - Tradeshows Qualifying clients 2
- Real sales - Tradeshows Draws

* Preparing to sell
* Shoot to sell
* ProSelect
* Saying “No”
* Sell
* When to upsell
* Making it easy to buy
* Removing objections

* 32 videos
* 11 support document
6 MODULE 5 - KEEP CLIENTS Do you get repeat business from your clients? What do clients say about you to their colleagues, friends and family? It’s great to get clients but keeping them is the key to developing a prosperous and long-lasting business.

- Creating a Unique experience
- Power of Referrals
- Getting priceless testimonials
- Wow your clients
- Guarantee your work

* 5 videos
* 7 support documents
* 8 practical exercises
* 3 bonus documents
7 MODULE 6 - BE ORGANIZED Do you feel overwhelmed with work? How much time do you spend with your loved ones? Not enough I’ll bet.

Being organized is what will bring you the full benefits of your passion for photography. Being in control will absolutely impress your clients and they will be the source of your growth.

- Making decisions
- Avoid failures
- Be more efficient
- Manage your time
- Delegate work
- 10 steps to a perfect day
- Managing your equipement
- Control your workflow

* 9 videos
* 13 support documents