PhotocoachOnline -CORE- BUSINESS SYSTEM - V1.9

André Amyot


If you already have a photography business or you wish to launch a new one and not waste time, money and energy reaching the anticipated level of success, this is for you.

We suggest strongly that you possess a good technical expertise in photography before going into business because you will most likely have a hard time learning and managing both expertise at the same while hoping to make a decent living.
Besides, having little expertise in photography will limit your possibilities to differentiate yourself from the overwhelming competition. WARNING! You are not alone in this market!

It all depends on your past and current financial results. Are you providing a good living to yourself and your family? Are you making profits? Are you satisfied with your current results? Do you feel there is no room to grow your business?
If you answer NO to any or all the questions, maybe it’s time to invest in improving your business skills.

Because we know how busy you are. By not asking you to sit at your computer for 60, 90 minutes or even an entire day, we offer a simple way to learn in smaller steps which will in turn yield more immediate results because your attention span will be more focused.  In many modules, there are exercises to do. Listen to the video first and then move to the exercises. This will insure a positive implementation. These exercises are a must to get full value of this System.

Because we feel that within 180 days of commitment, you can achieve your goals. We also want to create a little rush to get it all in; procrastination often sets in when a firm deadline is not in place.

You are not alone! Once you are registered, you get a series of emails to give you links to access the course. Plus, we accompany you for 12 weeks via a weekly email reminding you the exact sequence to follow the System for the outmost efficiency. This is the sure way to get your investment back in the shortest period of time. 

Absolutely! However, we would like to warn you against going too fast and skipping exercises. These exercises will definitely confirm the acquired knowledge.

The video capsules cannot be downloaded. You can have full access to them from any computer with an internet connection for an entire 24 months after registering. However, all the supporting documents are yours to keep forever.

It’s not a single program, it’s a complete SYSTEM for you to work step by step in developing your business. We know you want to learn how to sell better and fast but if your signature is not unique, if your pricing is not connected to your financial reality, if your brand is not recognized, trying to sell more will not get you where you want to go, no matter how hard you try.

This is how the PhotoCoachonline “Core” System is different. We have selected a number of professionals in specific skills to take you to a higher level of personal, technical and business expertise. You will have access to them in a privileged way as part of the PhotoCoachonline community. Each will present their specialty and you’ll pick what you need the most in your present situation. You will receive free bonus information as well as have the opportunity to purchase at a great rate, their programs.

These good folks all have the same goal in mind: Help you move forward.