This is a VERY IMPORTANT step!

Your project will be to develop a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate your return on investment plus track that information overtime and/or for multiple online and social media platforms. This is one of basic reports I present my marketing clients monthly to help them determine if my services plus the advertising I am doing on their behalf is paying for itself. This document will be your best friend as you begin using pay per click advertising more strategically in your social media marketing!


  1.  Make a copy of the sample document from here.  Instructions how to copy are included in the document.
  2.  Enter the information in all of the yellow cells.  Do this for a baseline month (either before you began tracking, or before you began a paid advertising campaign).
  3.  Post a link to your completed document in the class project area to share insights and results.
  4.  After course completion, you can add columns or tabs to the spreadsheet so that you can track multiple months or different social media platforms easily and have access to historical figures for strategy purposes.


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